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R   A   D   I   O

an evening of

H   E   A   D



 Jeff Philippe, 630-849-6303



 Tom Hartman, 630-618-0876

Radiohead’s 1997 album OK Computer is universally hailed as not only the best album of the 90s, but one of the best albums of all time. Upon release, the band achieved legendary status and took up the mantle held by Pink Floyd, David Bowie, U2 and Talking Heads as artists that could fill arenas while also creating cutting-edge music that pushed the whole artform forward.

The Red Roses pay tribute to Radiohead with a theatrical performance recreating this once-in-a-generation music with painstaking detail. While they play songs from across Radiohead’s catalog, the centerpiece of the show is a performance of OK Computer in its entirety.  

Some of the Radiohead songs to be performed include:


High and Dry


Street Spirit

Paranoid Android

Karma Police

No Surprises


Everything In Its Right Place

Like Spinning Plates

There, There


True Love Waits

...and many more...


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